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22 Jul 2017

Lawn Care to Wake Up Your Yard: 3 Quick Tips for Spring

Need lawn care ideas for spring that will wake up your yard? Lowe's is here to help with these simple tips. For more outdoor tips for spring, visit: ...

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10 Jul 2017

How To Keep Unwanted Rodents Out of Your Garden - The Home Depot

See more: Rodents can be unwelcome guests in your garden. Rick from our How-To Community shows you how to use Critter Ridder to ...

29 Jul 2017

How to Build an Outdoor Zen Garden Water Fountain

Add to the serenity of any setting with the soothing sounds of a fountain you make yourself! The fountain is basically just a base, a ball, and a pump. The pillar ...

19 Aug 2017

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter lawn care tips from the Lawn Care Nut to you. I hate winter, but there are some things you should know coming into spring. Stay tuned to the channel a...

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12 Aug 2017

Building My Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Greenhouses (Without PVC) & 3,000+ Subscribers! Thank YOU!

In this video I bring you along as I try to build really sturdy 32' raised bed greenhouses. I can pop the top gables out, change the height with couplers and...

1 Aug 2017

Outdoor Decor Inspiration - Pearl Rivers & Jade Gardens: Jordan In The House

Jordan heads down to Chinatown in search of decor inspiration for her future outdoor space! Subscribe to DIGS! Jordan's site! www ...

18 Aug 2017

Benefits of Frogs in Greenhouses

From time to time I find small frogs in my tropical greenhouse. Although they're small, they can have a large impact on your plants over time! Learn how to c...

14 Aug 2017

Lawn Care & Gardening Tips : How to Grow Grass in Texas

To grow grass in Texas, pick a native turf grass, consider watering availability, lay down at least 6 inches of soil, and aerate the lawn once a year. Keep a...

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31 Jul 2017

Check out My Holiday / Christmas Outdoor Decor!

Hey you guys - I hope you love this Mini Video of my Outdoor Decor and picked up on some easy tips! Thanks for checking out my video and having fun with me!

7 Aug 2017

Organic Lawn Care Tips & Advice

Organic lawn care is a smart decision, but there are other things you can do to make sure your organic lawn grows healthy. Here are some tips for organic law...

16 Aug 2017

Tall Fescue Grass - Expert Lawn Care Turf Tips

Get more information on tall fescue grass on Turf type tall fescue is a common grass in the transition zone of the United States...

26 Jul 2017

DIY Outdoor Retro Summer Party! Treats, Decor, Outfits, Recipes ++ more ♡

THUMBS UP for DIY videos! Can we get to 20K likes?:) Subscribe for more Niki and Gabi ♡ Comment of what you'd like to see next! Open for more info ...